Link to 'Quarter Eyes' on Webtoons
Quarter eyes began during the first UK COVID lockdown in 2020. I started posting on Instagram because I liked the square format and how, by uploading multiple panels in a single post, you could slowly reveal the 'quarters' which make up the final 'whole'.

The first comics illustrated the 'new normal'.
'Stuck In The Middle With You'
But I quickly starting to experiment with the form Instagram offered. For example, the order you reveal the comic can differ from what you expect the full page's layout to be.
'Ignorance Is Bliss'
 The platform also meant you could provide a little 'description' in the post which became part of the narrative.
Subsequent comics continue to play with the medium, like adding extra content to the final frame so something 'more' is revealed when we look at the piece in its entirety.
'Before you start'
And, like all comics, it was a good opportunity to play with role of the gutters.
Are the 'gutters' even gutters? Or are they walls?
'One Person's Wall is Another Person's Wall (With Apologies to Paul Simon)
Gutters often represent the passing of time, but how much time?
'Time and space'
The series is ongoing and can be found on Instagram, Tapas and Webtoons
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