Mick Paulusma (b. 1972 Winnipeg, Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice resides at the intersection of post-digital exploration and embodied expression.

He explores the transformative potential of technology on drawing and investigates the intricate relationship between physical gestures, digital realms, and spatial experience.

Drawing inspiration from both his native Canada and life in the UK, Mick seeks to evoke a sense of familiarity, connectedness, and belonging.

Mick gained his MA in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art.

Group exhibitions include: Eclectic Eye, Cambridge (2021); Through the Red Door, Cambridge (2022); Sustainability Art Prize, Cambridge (2022); The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity (Part of IMPACT 12), Bristol; The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity 2.0, Cambridge.

Preselection for the SSA 125th Annual Exhibition.

Mick’s first solo exhibition – ENCIRCLE – will take place between 22nd Jan – 5th March 2024 in Cambridge.

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